Our unique breeding terrariums are occupied by just two Helix Maxima breeding snails and fed on a healthy diet of natural forest plantain, clover, calcium, protein, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals.

Both snails are hermaphrodites as they each have both male and female reproductive organs.

When they mate with another snail of the same species and before they lay eggs, they act as both male and female performing both roles and fertilise each other simultaneously.

Snails can reproduce as frequently as once a month. If the average snail lays 80 eggs per cycle and has an average of five reproductive cycles a year, then each individual snail can lay 400 eggs a year.

Over Occupation

Other snail farmers in the UK regularly over occupy their breeding terrariums and cram upwards of 100 snails in together.

These snails therefore wallow in their own body waste, attracting flies, spiders, mites and other predators.

Cannibalism, group sex and ‘snail orgies’ are also rife when so many snails are confined together in such an unpleasant and unethical environment, which does not lead to the breeding and rearing of healthy edible snails for the table.

Over-occupied, unpleasant and unethical environment