L’Escargotiere (Bowland) Limited would like to advise that it has NOT been re-branded as Bowland Snails Ltd. and WILL continue to trade as L’Escargotiere (Bowland) Limited.

As of January 29th 2019, both John Rowe and Leanne Aspinall no longer have any involvement or interest in L’Escargotiere (Bowland) Limited.

On said date, John Rowe resigned as a director and relinquished his shareholding in the company.

L’Escargotiere Investments Limited is now the sole shareholder of L’Escargotiere (Bowland) Limited.

The management changes came as a result of an investigation by L’Escargotiere Investments Limited (parent company of L’Escargotiere (Bowland) Limited) into unlawful activities and financial irregularities within company accounts, filed at Companies House on November 19th 2018, by John Rowe and Leanne Aspinall.

On the evening of January 30th 2019, the L’Escargotiere (Bowland) Limited office and kitchen was unlawfully entered by John Rowe, who then stole our kitchen equipment, office furniture, computers, printers, stock of snail creams and cosmetics, a valuable vacuum packing machine, plus many other items including all the company trading and financial records of L’Escargotiere (Bowland) Limited.

John Rowe and Leanne Aspinall nor any limited companies associated with them have no legal rights to possession or any legal ownership of the equipment-fittings or the company trading and financial records stolen by John Rowe on the 30th of January 2019.

L’Escargotiere (Bowland) Limited will utilise all means and take whatever action necessary to recover our stolen property back from John Rowe and Leanne Aspinall.

John Rowe and Leanne Aspinall have recently formed two limited companies, Bowland Snails Limited plus Lancashire Bowland Snails Limited, and have falsely claimed on social media to have re-branded L’Escargotiere (Bowland) Limited as Bowland Snails Limited.

Bowland Snails Limited was only incorporated on the 28th of January 2019 and Lancashire Bowland Snails Limited was incorporated on the 15th of February 2019 yet they are using social media and other promotional channels claiming many accolades and marketing achievements awarded to L’Escargotiere (Bowland) Limited since 2016 as their own.

They are also not in occupation of any farm land occupied by L’Escargotiere (Bowland) Limited as shown on their social media to imply their connection with our farm at Upper Dutch Barn, Backridge Farm, Twitter Lane, Waddington, Clitheroe, England, BB7 3LQ.